On Monday 22 June 2015 at 03:45 a call came over the Neighborhood watch radio of suspects breaking into a business in George Street Strand. Secure Rite Armed response units manned by officers Rudy Oosthuyse officer Abdul-Shakur Smith Supervisor Asrah Fredericks and Officer Danino Fielies on the Neighborhood watch Support vehicle sponsored by Secure Rite rushed to the scene.

Armed response units from ADT and Gordonsbay Security also responded. The 2 suspects fled to a graveyard opposite the OK business complex near Voortrekker caravan park.

The armed response units of Secure Rite GBsec and ADT searched the graveyard and found 1 suspect hiding among the graves and detained him. The other suspect took of running with officer Fielies and Supervisor Fredericks in per suit.

He was caught and detained in Beach Road Strand. Both suspects were handed over to Strand Police.

Well done to all involved ! Together we can combat crime.