To minimise false alarms.

  1. Please close all windows before leaving/ arming your house. Wind blowing the curtains or birds getting into the house can cause motion detectors to false alarm.
  2. Please make sure you switch off all Air conditioners and Fans before leaving / arming your house. Sudden changes in the ambient room temperature can make motion detectors prone to false alarms
  3. Please make sure that no animals are left in areas with motion detectors that are not “Pet Friendly” when your alarm system is armed.
  4. Make sure you test your alarm system at least every 2 months with our Control Centre.
  5. Have your system serviced by Secure Rite once every 6 months. Like a car or motor bike an alarm system has working parts, batteries and wiring, all of these are susceptible to failure if not maintained. The last thing you want is for you system not to work when you really need it.