“I want to express my appreciation of Secure Rite Security’s generosity in support of Sinekamva. Your personal commitment was incredibly helpful and allowed Sinekamva to reach our vision of assisting needy patients that need love. Your donation of an alarm system has allowed Sinekamva’s Care Centre (SCC) to be safe, secure and complete.”

“SCC is centred on dignity-based solutions to poverty, without making patients feel needy. Every item of clothing that is offered through our store will be cleaned to provide the most dignified experience. The reality is that many patients arrive and leave the Helderberg Hospital with only the clothes on their backs – some without even the necessary toiletries. SCC creates the platform for identified patients to “shop” (free-of-charge) and select an item of clothing, thus giving them dignity/empowerment instead of a hand-out.”

“Your assistance means so much to the patients at the Helderberg Hospital but even more to Sinekamva. Thank you from all of us.”
Yours sincerely

Devin Atherstone, Manager