On Friday 31 July 2015 at approximately 13:50 Strand CID Public Safety officers Siviwe and Siphiwo as well as Coetzee and Inspector Nolte and officer Bande were on crime prevention foot patrols in Strand CBD when they noticed 2 suspects near the Post Office in Main-road Strand hiding something under their jackets.

When the officers approached them they moved around the corner. One suspect ran away but 1 suspect was caught. The officers found a Brand new sports bag with a price tag still attached to it with the information of the business attached to it hidden away in a space under panels at the Post Office.

The suspect and the bag was taken to a business in Westley Street Strand where the personnel of the business sports section confirmed that the bag was stolen. The suspect and the bag was handed over to Strand Police.

Well done guys we are proud of you!