With so few hours of daylight, it is no wonder winter is well known as a burglar’s favourite time to be on the lookout for opportunities to make their move. The thing is, a burglar is never a fan of a challenge, so they will always be scanning for easy pickings. Homes that have security flaws are prime targets for burglars, so take some time now and make sure yours isn’t one of them by following these tips.

1. Keep all doors and windows closed and locked at all times.
Although this may seem like an obvious action, there are so many instances of intruders accessing homes through open doors and windows. An open exterior window or door is an invitation to easily enter your home, so keep them shut and securely locked whether you’re home or not. Don’t underestimate strong window locks and update them if needed. Thieves know how to spot weak locks that would be easily forced open. Never leave your home without locking the front door, no matter how brief your trip. Even if it’s pouring rain, don’t forget to take the extra moment to check that everything is locked and secure. Burglars don’t take days off due to weather!

SIDE TIP 1: Don’t forget the door attached to the garage. It’s one of the easiest targets and a likely route of entry. Don’t depend on your automatic garage door for full security.

SIDE TIP 2: Remember to do a proper walkthrough of your home before bedtime. Check all doors and windows to ensure they are properly locked.

2. Don’t label your personal keys or hide spare keys outside.
If your keys are labeled and get lost or stolen either from your home or near your home, you could be in big trouble as you may just have made a second burglary easy.

Thieves know to look under mats and in the gravel for fake rocks to find hidden keys, so instead leave a spare with a trusted neighbour. Another great tool for keys is a combination lockbox placed in a discreet area of your property.

SIDE TIP 1: If you have been a victim of a robbery where your purse or keys were stolen, change your locks!

SIDE TIP 2: Do not leave keys in visible places from the outside. The most common door is the back door. Be mindful of where you place your back-door key.

3. Add privacy film to decorative glass on and around exterior doors.
Stained and decorative glass displays can be a beautiful addition to any entrance, but they can present a bit of a security issue as intruders can easily see into your home if the curtains are not drawn. If your home has many glass entrance ways, use privacy film to distort the view from the outside and reduce the chances of window shopping or alerting an unwanted visitor to your home.

SIDE TIP 1: Minimise the view into your home by firstly making sure you have effective window coverings such as curtains and/or blinds. Ensure your curtains are a solid fabric so that they block out any view into your home as the sun sets. But remember, you can also restrict views into your home during the day with an under-lace curtain. This is great as it restricts direct view without blocking out sunlight.

SIDE TIP 2: Glass front doors have become quite a trend in the last few years, however, these seem to make ideal access points for intruders. Recent reports have revealed that intruders are happy to break in through the front doors of homes. If your front door is glass, make sure this is reinforced with anti-smash film.

4. Make sure you have a home security system. Again, this one may seem like an obvious action, but there are still many folks who do not have a home security system. There are countless features with any security system, and some particularly valuable ones are outdoor motion detectors (beams), sensors at doors and, windows, and the door attached to the garage, a siren alarm sound to alert other neighbours to an intrusion, and of course, security cameras. Every home is different and will have a unique set of security vulnerabilities. At Secure Rite, we tailor our security products to each home and pride ourselves on being there if our community needs us.

For those who have security systems, but do not use them, make sure ‘setting the alarm’ becomes a habit TODAY to actively avoid that one night an intruder gets in…

SIDE TIP: Do your best to learn and educate your family on how to operate the security system.

5. Create a safe zone in your home.
Unfortunately, thieves become more daring every day and will, despite efforts to deter, try to access your home. It is for this reason that we encourage homes to have a ‘safe zone’. This is simply an additional gate or door that separates bedrooms from open family areas. If an intruder manages to gain access, the additional gate or door is there to buy you valuable time to push alarm buttons, call for help or alert neighbours to the intrusion. Although not all homes have this feature, we encourage homeowners to think about creating a safe zone.

At Secure Rite, we believe that there is no ‘one size fits all’ in the security solutions we offer. Contact the Secure Rite team today for a free consultation on how we can work together to keep your family and your belongings safe.