Maybe it’s the kitchen door that doesn’t close properly or that window frame that’s loose… either one is a golden opportunity for an intruder to gain access to your home.

As homeowners, if we had to really think about it, chances are that we could identify at least three easy access points into our home right now.

As a trusted Security Partner in the Helderberg Basin, we know that security and safety is a big focus for residents. Many of us ensure we are equipped with security tools like alarm systems, armed response, cameras, apps etc… But there could be some serious risk scenarios that exist outside the scope of your existing security measures.

While movie scenes show elaborate break-in techniques and daring heists, most burglaries are much simpler and quicker. Through some diligent research, we have identified five of the most common safety risks in your home right now.

1. Lucky Door number 1

Many people think a burglar would never be brazen enough to simply walk through the front door, but it is one of the most common entry points for thieves. Seasoned burglars know exactly where to look for the spare key that you’ve “hidden”. Many thieves will simply kick in the door or remove it from its hinges.

People commonly forget to lock their doors or have a key within easy reach of the lock, making the front door a surprisingly common target for burglars. So remember to make it a habit to lock that front door and gate at all times.

2. Windows of opportunity

Windows are the most fragile point of entry in most homes, and many homeowners think of this as a potential safeguard against burglars. But unfortunately, the sound of breaking glass is unlikely to catch the attention of a neighbour or someone hanging washing in the back garden; most people will ignore the sound of a window breaking if they only hear it once. But sometimes, a burglar doesn’t even have to break a window to get through it. Many windows are simply left unlatched or do not have strong enough locks to keep a determined burglar out. Even windows with burglar bars are no match for a determined thief with time to spare.

Ensure window locks and seals are well maintained and in working order.  Make it a habit to check all windows regularly. If you suspect that a window has been tampered with, act immediately. This could be a crafty thief who is slowly breaking in.

Windows are also commonly shielded by tall vegetation or privacy fences, which help give you privacy but also provide a convenient shield for a thief to hide behind. Keeping shrubs and vegetation trimmed can remove the cover for a would-be burglar.

3. Ladders of success…

While some vegetation can keep burglars away from the eyes of neighbours, some plants can provide a burglar a direct path into your home. Even if you are diligent about locking windows on the lower level of your house, most people are not as careful with upstairs windows – especially your children. Tall trees or even outdoor tables can provide easy access to the second story of your home, and access to a room. And remember, all it takes is one unlocked door or window for a burglar to get into your home, so be aware of any exterior items that could be used to gain entry to your house.

4. Lucky Door number 2

Although the front door is one of the most common entry points for a burglar, a would-be thief will test every possible opening for a way inside. This includes side doors, garage doors, skylights and more. Don’t neglect an entry because you don’t use it often, because a criminal will absolutely take advantage of any unlocked door or window.

5. The Garage (The Other Other door)

The garage is a very common entry point for intruders. Homeowners who use their garages as the primary entrance into the house typically have a habit of leaving the garage door and the secondary door into the house unlocked for their ease. This mistake is noticed by burglars who scan your house for weak access points before making their move.

Garages often will not have movement sensors which make access into your home, through the garage, even easier.


The truth is, that so many of us still live with the notion of ‘It will never happen to me’, but can we afford that mindset when crime is a very real struggle in South Africa? Let’s face it, we cannot protect our home all the time, which is why it’s okay to lean on a trusted partner to keep you and your family safe. Secure Rite Security has years of experience protecting homes and offices in Helderberg Basin. Contact us anytime for a security assessment so we can help you identify those risk access points.

At Secure Rite, we do security, so you can do life!

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