The South African Intruder Detection Services Association, also known as ‘SAIDSA’ is a national regulatory body of security providers. This voluntary association regulates and ensures the best practice of services such as basic alarms, advanced electronic detection systems, CCTV, signal monitoring and armed reaction services. Reputable security companies voluntarily become members of SAIDSA and welcome annual inspections from the association. This ensures compliance and adherence to safe, fair practices which are why SAIDSA is said to be ‘the watchdog ‘ of the security industry.

The standards laid down by SAIDSA protect the resident and encourage exemplary service from member companies. For instance, a response company would not be allowed to repeatedly register 15 minute response times. The company would be red-flagged and investigated by SAIDSA to ensure that they bring their service levels up to the required standards. Compliance thereby enforces best practice for members and offers clients a reliable intruder detection and armed response operation.

The objective of SAIDSA is to define, upgrade and maintain the quality and standards of electronic security in South Africa. This aims to protect the public from unscrupulous, opportunistic “fly-by-night” operators…

SAIDSA reminds that when a security system is purchased, an ongoing relationship is entered into between the purchaser and the security company concerned. The security company must have the required infrastructure and expertise to continuously support the safety relationship with the property owner or client.

So, how does SAIDSA benefit me and my security decisions?

There are 3 key benefits for us as home and business owners:

  1. Verification: Simply put, it ensures that the security partner we choose can do what they say they can.
  2. Credibility: All companies listed on SAIDSA’s approved register have complied in every way with stringent standards, called bylaws, regarding control room infrastructure, safety conduct, reaction services and installation best practices.
  3. Accountability and Consumer Protection: If your security partner does not adhere to required standards, as clients, you are able to contact SAIDSA to report dissatisfaction. This drives accountability and ensures that any operational and/or service anomalies are addressed.

Remember, you can verify if your security partner is registered as a SAIDSA member on Unfortunately, many companies have falsely represented membership, which is why it is encouraged to verify membership on the official register.

Secure Rite and SAIDSA

Secure Rite has been a member of SAIDSA for 25 years. “Constant industry change, adaptation, learning and defining best practices have been part of the important journey with SAIDSA over the years…” says Craig Austen, CEO of Secure Rite.

We asked Craig a few more questions to better understand the importance of SAIDSA in the marketplace.

So, how does SAIDSA ensure standards are adhered to?

SAIDSA has strict audit protocols that run every year. This begins with an online submission process that aims to verify standards across each security service we offer. As a SAIDSA member, we complete this online process and ensure the submission of all affidavit requirements to qualify for the annual SAIDSA certificate.

In addition, SAIDSA representatives conduct random onsite audits of security teams, control rooms and operational procedures throughout the year.

Why do you think a SAIDSA membership is important?

As a security service provider who has been around for 26 years, we have seen our fair share of the good, the bad and the ugly within our Industry. Like so many sectors, change is constant which is why adaption and continuous learning must be at the heart of our operation. Our job is to keep people as safe as possible and there cannot be a compromise of standard. This is one of the reasons we endorse and support an institution like SAIDSA.

SAIDSA remains an important affiliation in the security industry because it exists to separate opportunistic players from ones who provide legitimate security services in the marketplace.

…So often, home or business owners are lured in by price
only to discover the real cost to be much higher later on.

There have been so many instances where we’ve had to re-install alarm systems after they had been installed by untrained hands working for unregistered companies. Many of these companies are actually operating illegally.  The Secure Rite technical team has a book of horror stories experienced during assessments of re-installation projects and the biggest downside is that the client ultimately pays the price.  A simple example of how the installation standard is upheld by SAIDSA is that clients should receive a SAIDSA installation certificate once the installation is complete. This verifies that the system has been installed to the required standard by a trained professional.

Lastly,  and something that we find most rewarding, is that SAIDSA provides access to online courses that cover all the latest practices, innovations and protocols that navigate the security function. This means that our team is continually learning and upgrading their knowledge and skills which is exceptionally important.

As a member of SAIDSA, Secure Rite aims for practice of the highest standard in all we do. However, this does not mean that we get everything right all the time. As part of the management team at Secure Rite, we welcome feedback both positive and negative because this only helps us grow, learn and deliver better service to our community.

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