One of our main goals at Secure Rite is to ensure you are always protected. Here are ways to protect your home with a few simple steps.


1) Join your local neighbourhood watch

The saying is true that prevention is better than cure. We are lucky to have fantastic neighbourhood watch services in and around the Helderberg area. There are great groups on Facebook and Whatsapp that you can join to help the team with information on the ground. The more our community can work together, the better we are equipped to fight crime. At Secure Rite we are affiliated with several neighbourhood watch teams, who call on us when they require the assistance of Armed Response Officers.


2) “Man’s best friend” will always be alert

Small dogs are great companions and have great eyes and ears during all hours of the day and night. With their heightened smell and sight, they can alert you of intruders before they even enter the property. Be sure to also have clear signage on your gates and fences so that outsiders know you have dogs on the property.


3) 24/7 Eyes on your property

Criminals are rather ingenious and have started to learn and understand the trends and cycles of crime, which is why it is so important to always be one step ahead of them. We recommend installing CCTV cameras in and around your property to see every part of your home, even when you are not there. At Secure Rite we also offer great monthly monitoring options, where we get notified about potential intruders before they even have the opportunity to break-in. We are linked to patrols in and around the area, so we can stop criminals in their tracks. A camera system is also great when you are at the office, away for the weekend, or travelling abroad, just to check in and ensure your home is safe.


4) Perimeter beams

The best cure is always prevention. Having perimeter beams around your property ensures you are alerted to potential intruders as soon as they enter your space. We always suggest you leave these beams on during the day, even when you are home, to have an added layer of security to alert you of intruders before they get inside.


5) Slow down the criminals

Because criminals are clever and always find ways to work around security measures, putting as many obstacles in their path as possible is essential. Adding barriers can slow them down, giving the Armed Response team time to get to your home and stop them in their tracks. Burglar bars and safety glass are two prime barriers which will ensure that criminals do not have easy access to your home.


6) Let the light shine

Criminals love the dark because it allows them to hide in the shadows and go undetected. Adding lights triggered by motion will not only scare off the criminals but also give you a silent alert that intruders may be in your garden. Assess your garden areas, see where you think criminals can hide, and fill those spaces with light.


7) Keep it tidy

By having a neat garden, you allow for less opportunity for intruders to find places to hide. Loose-hanging foliage is also often the cause of false alarms on windy days, so we encourage you to keep your trees, bushes and hedges trimmed.


These are just a few simple tricks to ensure your home and family are protected. If you would like one of our team to come out and do a free security consultation to determine where you have weak security spots, then please contact us at:

0860 10 30 99