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Secure Rite Security boasts a highly trained team of certified, registered Armed Response Officers, who deliver prompt, professional service excellence with a no-nonsense approach. That said, we are proud of the fact that our clients find our officers to be exceptionally warm and approachable.

Under the watchful eye of Armed Response Manager, Herman Ras, the main function of this highly motivated team is to respond rapidly to all alarm and CCTV signals received by our 24 hour Control Room. All officers comply with the standards laid out by SAIDSA as well as our own in-house training modules. Firearm Handling, First Aid, Self Defense, Advanced Driving Techniques and Crime Scene Management are just some of the modules on offer to our recruits when they undergo in-house training. All would-be officers are thoroughly screened and put through their paces, as your safety and security is our primary concern!


Secure Rite Security employs a dedicated team of Operation Centre Controllers, trained to receive and process alarm signals and CCTV footage sent to our SAIDSA-approved 24 Hour Operation Centre.

The company utilises state of the art monitoring software which date-and-time stamps both each signal received and every entry made by our operators.

The 24 Hour team is in constant contact with our Armed Response Vehicles by means of 2-way radio, cellular telephone and modern vehicle tracking. We know where our teams are at all times, anywhere in the world, in real time.


At Secure Rite Security we believe in a multi-faceted approach to your protection. Advances in technology today enable us to provide cutting edge solutions to the challenge of crime detection and prevention.

This means that by putting various layers of electronic security in place, you are provided with an early warning system – and time for a rapid response before any serious damage is done.

Combined with alarm systems, CCTV cameras are rapidly becoming a much-needed addition to 360 degree security solutions for the protection of family and property. This allows our Operations Centre Controllers to visually verify alarm activations and mobilise response services accordingly.

In keeping with technological advances, smart devices allow our clients to control their alarm and camera systems remotely, and view their property from anywhere in the world in real-time!


In keeping with our Mission Statement, Secure Rite Security’s Guarding Division aims to bring a standard of excellence to all that we do. Our polite and professional guards are the first line of defense for complexes, estates, business premises and even private homes.

Our employees are thoroughly reference and background checked, and PSIRA Certified. Guards are taken through their paces during our thorough orientation process, and are also given regular on-the-job and on-site training.

Under the watchful eye of our experienced Guarding Supervisors, our guards are self disciplined, good communicators, and are well-versed in observation techniques, self defense, emergency procedures, and crime scene preservation.


Secure Rite Security offers solutions to address all management needs at a modern complex or estate – from biometrics to bluetooth access control seamlessly integrated into intercom and vehicle license plate technology. We also offer cutting edge cloud based solutions and visitor management via booms.

We also offer electric fencing installations using top quality materials and technology to provide the ultimate perimeter security.


We are privileged to provide and manage the Public Safety Officers for the Strand and Somerset West City Improvement Districts. We work closely with Geocentric, the managing company who manages a number of CID’s in the Western Cape.

Although the two contract requirements differ, we have Public Safety Officers on duty patrolling the demarcated areas on foot at specific times and have a dedicated vehicle in the Somerset West area.

The general aim is to “clean up” the Central Business District and interrupt the pathways to crime, as well as to enforce the City of Cape Town’s public safety bylaws in these areas and make them safer places for all.


At Secure Rite we understand the unique needs of our clients.

Often fraught with shock, trauma and sensitivity, this unique industry offers our dedicated team the opportunity to put their customer service skills to the ultimate test!

Our highly trained team of sales executives in turn are dedicated to ensuring that every site is thoroughly assessed, and that subsequent quotations given reflect the most efficient and cost effective means of security for each individual client.

Our internal company processes ensure that every client is thoroughly looked after from A to Z! As they say, the devil is in the details.


Secure Rite Security proudly supports the Somerset West Night Shelter and its Give Responsibly Campaign. Details can be found on www.swnightshelter.org.za

Secure Rite is also the proud Armed Response sponsor of the new Baby Safe system installed at Choices, as well as an avid supporter of a variety of Neighbourhood Watches, Sports Against Crime, Hospice, Round Table, Helderberg Baby Saver, Patch, and Child Welfare.


With the ever-changing times and the unfortunate increase in crime in South Africa, we realise that safety must be mobile. Whether the need is to manage your home or business security system remotely or whether it is to provide loved ones with a mobile panic button, the SecuRwatch App has it all.

The app is available to everyone and can easily be incorporated as an addition to your personal security efforts. To get started, contact us using the “Download Our App” button in the footer.

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