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0860 10 3099

Our Vision & Mission

Our Vision Statement: Secure Rite Security resolves to be the preferred supplier of industry-leading security services in the Helderberg and beyond.

Our Mission Statement: Secure Rite Security’s portfolio of security services effectively protects people and their assets in the Helderberg and beyond.

Our Value Statements

1. Our operations meet and even exceed the guidelines and standards as set out by SAIDSA and the insurance industry.

2. We have internalised our definition of effectiveness, and that is to be: prompt, efficient and, above all, excellent in everything we do in rendering our portfolio of security services to our community of clients.

3. Our clients will be serviced by qualified and experienced staff, who are prepared to go the extra mile to uphold our standard of excellence in everything we do.

4. We understand, and are sensitive to the shock, trauma, anger and anxiety which so often go hand in hand with the need to acquire or upgrade your security services. We will seek to comprehend the unique needs of our community of clients, because our clients are family.

5. We will achieve our vision by focussing on the basics.

6. A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. We will therefore only use equipment and suppliers that meet our standards for excellence in both product and service quality. Every client’s requirements will be thoroughly assessed, and only the most appropriate solution proposed. We value a sustained relationship with our customers, which is not attainable by simply selling goods and services.

7. We won’t offer any services that don’t add value for our treasured clients.

8. Our community provides the resources for our business, and giving back to the community is our way of sustaining it all.

9. We will each play our part in producing a stable, healthy, positive working environment, with room for growth for every employee.

10. We do what we promise.

Our Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct we observe applies to both how we treat our clients and our colleagues:

1. We own our own attitudes. Take responsibility for your feelings.

2. We take responsibility for our own actions.

3. We are responsible and loyal toward the employer, our colleagues, and our clients.

4. We are dedicated and pro-active and always use initiative, attention to detail, and diligence to deliver excellent service on all fronts.

5. The output of our work is measurable and rewardable.

6. Communication is king and we do not operate on assumptions.

7. We are ethical and honest.

8. Mutual respect builds relationships, which are nurtured through practicing patience and listening skills.

9. We have a passion for delivering a service to customers within this unique industry.

10. We are professional in the discharge of our duties, both in front of and behind the scenes.

11. We practice follow-through in every task.

12. We have a culture of planning and personal time management.